Junior Champs - Blenhiem 2010


Last week of school holidays around 20 juniors and parents headed north to Blenhiem for 3 days of racing at the LEATT 2010 JNR MX NATS, hosted by the Marlborough club.

What a great job they did, the track was ripped, watered and grubbed, then watered again each night. Natural terrain with a couple of ski jumps became more whooped and bermed as racing progressed. Everyone rode really well and has their own story to tell, but here are a few.

Travis McKenzie 10th 8-10 85s with still another year in the class. Kyle Hartley, coming off  an overall and five straight wins the week before in 8-11s  at the South Canterbury Champs, 9th 11-12 85s, the biggest class,  with also another year to go. Kenji Suzuki 6th 12-16 150s, after qualifying 3rd. Michael Armitage 16th 15-16 125s and Josh Tippett 17th, despite no points in three races with a dislocated shoulder. Similar story with Ryan Harrington 17th,15-16 250s after only two rides before getting out the crutches. Max Winders 13th, 15-16 250s, but what a great ride in the last race. Up to 6th on lap one, Max lost the front wheel , restarting dead last. Going again and on fire he stormed back thru the field for 14th at the flag, posting 7th fastest lap in the race, despite the traffic, in what is considered  the premier class. The North Island took five of the seven titles, Mangakino’s  Kayne Lamont the big winner with two titles, 15-16 125s and 15-16 250s.

 Larry Mouat